wedding video Peterborough

We don’t do weddings, but…

If we did, what would you pay for this:

THERE are a lot of very talented wedding video producers out there doing a great job, so maybe the city doesn’t need another one. There’s also more than enough corporate work about to keep us very busy.

But we would be silly to ignore opportunities to grow our business. What we are proposing is a very basic starter package wedding ceremony video. A bit of pre-ceremony footage as the guests arrive, the ceremony itself and some post-ceremony shots during the photo session, all set to a piece of music of your choice and supplied on DVD or high-res Blu-ray disc.

The video will be as long as the music you choose, up to a maximum of seven minutes. The style will be documentary/reportage (no additional lights, no live sound, lots of hand-held camerawork) just like the one featured here.

What do you think a film like this is worth to the customer? It’s priceless, obviously, but we’d like to know what the market thinks. Comment, email or phone us on 07768 261276 and tell us what you would pay.