Tech info

All footage is shot on pro-spec high definition cameras, like the Panasonic AG-HMC41 and the Sony NEX EA-50. Our Sony FS5 can shoot in 4K if your production requires Ultra-high definition.fs5-min-cammera-1

We also use smaller hand-held Panasonic HD cameras (perfect for two-camera shoots), a Nikon D800 digital SLR camera for fantastic quality high-definition footage and GoPro cameras for mounting on helmets and vehicles and shooting underwater.

High-output low-energy studio lights with reflectors or softboxes are used to light locations and sets. Sound comes from Rode NTG-1 shotgun and Sennheiser radio microphones.

We have a stabiliser, tracking dollies and sliders for smooth camera movements and a crane for the best quality rising and tilting shots.

Video is edited on super-fast PCs using Adobe Premiere Pro CC or an Apple iMac with Final Cut or Premiere Pro. Motion graphics, stills, archive film, soundtrack music and voice-over commentary can all be easily added to your production.

The finished video can then be output to any format, including YouTube, YouTube HD, Vimeo, DVD and Blu-ray disc. We can create artwork for disc labels and slip cases and can provide multiple copies of discs.

For a guide to the cost of all these services, click here for a pleasant surprise.