Useful resources

THESE documents have been prepared to help clients and potential clients with frequently asked questions. Feel free to download them by clicking the links, adapt them and, if you like, use them for other creative projects. Just remember who gave them to you.

Film briefing document – yuk. A form. Actually, a very useful form. Use it to start thinking about the kind of film you want. We can just use it as a basis for a meeting, if you like. Or you can fill it in (short notes and ideas) to help us make the film you want.

Storyboard template 16 x 9 – nine widescreen-shaped boxes with room for notes. Use the storyboard sheet to practise drawing stick people.

Music copyright* – want us to set your film to Gangnam Style? Click to read about the law covering the use of music in video. Does not cover good taste.

Showing a video at events – when you press ‘play’, make sure your audience sees a video.

Filming in public and people’s privacy* – the law explained (by somebody who isn’t a lawyer).

Model release form – secure permission to use a person’s image, voice, opinions and soul in a project.

*IMPORTANT. These are not legal documents. The information and advice is for guidance only and should not be presented as evidence in any legal process. The author and publisher accepts no responsibility for any situation arising from following this advice or acting on this information. Just be careful out there.