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Invest in Peterborough

IT’S fantastic to do something to show our home town at its best. Invest in Peterborough is three minutes’ worth of compelling reasons to live, work and invest in this great city.

The film took almost a year to complete. In order to keep the cost to the client down, locations were filmed on sunny days when there was a gap in our schedule. To be honest, it didn’t feel like work. Access to locations for the time-lapse sequences was particularly exciting.

Many of the locations required special permission for filming and all brands featured were approached and cleared for use. Opportunity Peterborough was keen to see a very high standard of production so we worked hard to deliver great value for money.

As our business has grown and our portfolio has expanded we have invested in our own video production business. As a result we now have higher spec cameras and rigs and we look at this film and think of what we might do differently now.

There is a plan to shoot something similar in the near future but we will always look back on this early version with fond memories.